July 4, 2018

So Where's The Brochure?

In our travels around MK, the Fringe team keep getting asked “So where’s the brochure?”

The answer is that this year, there isn’t one.

We thought we’d try a little experiment for 2018. A social experiment, if you will. We Fringe-y types are social creatures.

So this year, all our info is going out on social media.

So get following! ReTweet our stuff, share it, invite your friends, your neighbours, your family, that woman you met once at a conference, got drunk in the bar with and never saw again (we all have that one friend on Facebook who falls into this category). Come one, come all!

Festivals are sociable events, after all. So let’s get socialising.

Facebook = @MkFestivalFringe

Twitter = @MKFringe

Instagram = mkfringe