May 27, 2016

Roosters needed for MK Fringe

Have you got what it takes to rule the roost at Milton Keynes Festival Fringe?

It is strongly rumoured that a flock of 49 unruly homing pigeons are descending on Milton Keynes from 13th to 23rd July. En-route to their usual roosts, they’ve picked up MK Fringe festival tweets and have been lured in to this exciting event. With home ever uppermost in their bird brains, they’ll also be checking out various MK locations as possible new quarters. Look out for them as they sample the delights of the Central Library, go shopping and explore other venues around the city centre.

The Roost will take form as a mixed media installation created by Felicity Clarke and Hazel Connors.

This boisterous Roost needs a group of sensible and confident volunteers to rule the roost and take control. We need up to 5 people, who will need to be available for flock movements early in the morning and after closing/late at night.

All the volunteers will receive expert training in bird-handling from the artists; and will then be under the supervision of the Head Bird Twitcher, aka the producer/project manager.

If you think you could wing it, please contact