What Would You Do?

15 Jul 2016 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm £10

Open mic evening hosted by Black Sheep Collective

‘What Would You Do?’ is a ‘performance collage’ exploring the opinions and views of members of the Milton Keynes community. If money was no object, if you were in power for a day, if you could rewind time…what would you do?
Through a variety of performed monologues, physical theatre sequences, verbal recordings, visual projections and devised scenes; which will be created through real accounts, the audience will be able to question for themselves; ‘What Would I Do?’ inviting them to participate in giving their own views, which will then be improvised and added to the performance on the night.
‘What Would You Do?’ will be a vibrant array of art forms linking, crossing, meshing, complimenting, representing ‘What people WOULD Do’ if we had no boundaries and the world that we know at present was a little different.

Bar Bar Black Sheep,16 The Square,Wolverton,Milton Keynes,MK12 5DG

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