Street Theatre

The Lift

17 Jul 2016 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm Free

Street theatre show by Wet Picnic

Two shows – 12:30pm and 2.00pm

The Lift is a roving theatrical experience that envelops its audience, welcoming them into a world of captured moments, giving them a surreal experience that they won’t forget.
An elegant elevator (on wheels) arrives accompanied by three bellhops. The audience are invited to step inside and choose a moment by selecting one of ten different ‘floor’ buttons. Each button triggers a particular scene or event which is performed for both the audience member in The Lift and those on the outside looking in.
The Lift operates on two different levels, firstly as an interactive performance experience for 1-3 people at a time, inside the elevator and secondly as a show interspersed with show-stopping vignettes around the elevator for larger audiences.

City Square
67 Midsummer Boulevard
Milton Keynes

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