Drama Age 16+

Phoenix Arts MK Presents…

18 Jul 2016 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm £5

Phoenix Arts presents three short original dramas which beautifully capture the intensity of relationships as they begin, end and irrevocably change.

The first, ‘Morendo’, explores the life of a former world-class pianist as she spends her final days largely comatose and forgotten – until a rebellious carer takes time to know her story.
In the second short, ‘Fare Play’, we join Ms. Elstrom as she takes a taxi from the station in what she believes to be an ordinary journey. Through growing tensions and struggles for the upper hand, it soon becomes clear that her driver has a mysterious agenda…
The third piece is ‘Marie’, a largely silent piece. Here the sadness and regrets which occur at the end of a relationship are beautifully explored.

In partnership with MK Christian Foundation

Milton Keynes Christian Foundation
Foundation House
The Square
MK12 5HX

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