Comedy Theatre Age 16+

Late Night Bed Show

13 Jul 2016 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm £4

‘Late Night Bed Show / Stains’ – a double bill of dark comedy theatre by Leanne Shorley.

‘A few years ago, the rampant activity in Mark and Jen’s bedroom would have made Fifty Shades of Grey look like a picnic with your grandparents. But now, the honeymoon’s over. WELL over. We join them in their melancholic bed as they unashamedly share their most intimate thoughts with us.
Inspired by the lyrics of Pulp, ‘Late Night Bed Show’ explores the delicate complexities of a failing relationship through unflinching frankness and gut-wrenching sincerity.

Diana’s got herself into a soggy situation. And unfortunately for you, she wants to talk about it.
Defiant in its excruciating honesty, ‘Stains’ is an audacious monologue about feeling inadequate and creating your own justice in a world where you feel powerless.
Leanne Shorley is a student at East 15 Acting School. The show also stars fellow students, Ella Jarvis and Elliot Windsor.

Stantonbury Theatre
MK14 6BN

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