Family Installation

Cabinet Fatalia

21 Jul 2016 10:00 am - 4:00 pm £2 / 1

Open 21st to 23rd July, all day – pay on entry

A Cabinet of Curiosities, a Theatre of Objects, a Chamber of Mysteries… come and explore this intriguing mobile show which houses viewing boxes, strangely animated furniture, convulsive forms and phantom guests.

Inside the Cabinet Fatalia visitors are surrounded by images of miniature scenes; you’ll discover mini constructions, a boggling collection of weird chimeras, kinetic machines and hermetic dream worlds, in which secret desires, memories and present perceptions coexist.
Likened to an involuntary imitation of a dream, a nocturnal voyage into the unconscious, the Cabinet Fatalia marries street theatre with the Victorian sideshow, mixing the strange with the everyday, the domestic with the marvellous.

Prepare to be surprised!

The centre:mk - near Mothercare & Braids (door 14)
769 Midsummer Blvd
Milton Keynes

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