A House Repeated

15 Jul 2016 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm £5

A theatre show by Seth Kriebel,

Come in. Sit down. Explore.
Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure stories and early computer games, this interactive performance-game invites you to explore an imagined building without ever leaving your seat.

A House Repeated is an interactive performance-game using imagination and memory to suggest that the everyday world is not always as solid as it might seem…
Originally inspired by early text-adventure computer games and interactive fiction, A House Repeated brings both the simplicity of bare-bones storytelling and the excitement of contemporary “sandbox” style video games to live performance. In addition to exploring, A House Repeated gives the audience an active role in the creation of the imagined world. Each show is unique, each new world a reflection of the group creating it.
Twitter: @sethkriebel

“turns the concept of immersive theatre on its head…. Stunning in both its simplicity and its power. ★★★★★” – Londonist
“A gently fascinating interactive world… it’s funny, too.” Time Out
“Pushing the boundaries of immersive theatre in alternative directions.” – Total Theatre
“A gorgeous collective adventure” – Sketches on Theatre

image (c) Alex Brenner

The Chrysalis Theatre
Japonica Lane
Milton Keynes
MK15 9JY

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